Mademoiselle of Paris

Theatrical performance,

singing and scenographic movement

Sabine van Waesberghe proposes a vocal journey through various musical areas with a single common thread that is the VOICE.

“We started in the essence of gospel to enter the glamour of jazz from the era of the great divas and divos of this genre.

We immerse ourselves in French “La belle Epoque” that leads us to the unforgettable Edith Piaf.

We wander through the baroque period, the operetta and some opera pieces to get to some of my compositions.

With simple scenography argued by some representative symbols of the times visited.

This trip symbolizes my process as a singer in the styles that always caught my attention and that I decided to represent during these 20 years of my vocal career and now propose for intimate theaters.

My voice is present throughout the show ”.

Project in preparation.

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